Bury Village Neighbourhood Steering group needs people of Bury to help our village develop the way we would like it to..

Do you think you can make a difference? Yes you can! It’s all about a team effort!




Why are we undertaking this process ?

A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is a plan for the neighbourhood area i.e. the Designated area of Bury Parish which includes policies and ideas that become part of the HDC local plan and have to be taken into account by the planners. Something that does not happen in all cases now.

What is it?

The  NP gives our community direct power to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of our Parish.

The plan has teeth in planning law: providing influence over planning decisions; giving the

opportunity to specify sites for development; and enabling us to add detail to Local

Plan policies to shape development in our area. The process can identify non-planning desires and objectives that are taken forward by our community.


We will gauge opinion on thoughts, ideas and concerns you have by a questionnaire that all residents of Bury Village should contribute to. There will be more detail on this process as we progress.

In the meantime if you would like to engage in email please contact glossy-greenmailsm  greattolive@buryvillage.co.uk (please copy the email address into your email client)

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